2020 AMEB Exams Dates


2020 Practical Examinations Dates and Closing Dates


Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns and social distancing requirements the First Metro exam session, scheduled for 27 April – 13 June has been cancelled.

  • Those already enrolled in this session will receive a full refund.

  • Anybody with concerns should contact the AMEB (NSW) office during business hours.

  • Any decision to proceed with subsequent exams scheduled for later in the year will be dependent on the status of COVID-19.




The requirements of a Video Repertoire Exam are the same as the requirements for a face-to-face Repertoire exam, as published in the 2020 AMEB Manual of Music Syllabuses; and on the AMEB (NSW) website for Leisure Repertoire exams.  Please refer to maximum performance times. Please note that Video Repertoire exams will be available for all practical music subjects with the exception of accordion, harp, organ and percussion and CPM.

For P Plate Piano Video exams (P Plate 1, P Plate 2, P Plate 3)

Candidates must prepare three works.

For Level 1 Video Repertoire Exams (Preliminary to Grade 4)

Candidates must prepare four works: one List A, one List B, one List C + 1 Own Choice work of similar standard.

For Level 2 Video Repertoire Exams (Grades 5 to 8)

Candidates must prepare five works: 3 List works (see syllabus requirements) + 2 Own Choice works of similar standard.

For Leisure Video Repertoire Exams (Preliminary to Grade 8)

Candidates must prepare 4 works: A minimum of 2 List works + up to 2 additional works. Additional works can be own choice items of similar standard.

*Go to https://www.ameb.nsw.edu.au/exams/video-repertoire-exam for more information.​

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