Sydneysider Music academy is also known as Sherry Music Academy.


Why Learn With SMA?​ 


1.  Our experienced accredited music artist-teachers with over 20 years of authentic classical music training background. All the way from Music School, Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, to the Doctoral of Musical Arts. Sydneysider music academy is a place to gain valuable practical skills, which transforms our students into professionals.


2. Our experienced accredited music artist-teacher with varied examination technique classes,      


 masterclass, piano ensembles to chamber orchestra. We have rich & diverse world-class music


insights to fit you all.


 3. Our music artist-teachers decades of experience have led to a teaching technique that is easy


to follow and effective. Fix the final mistakes that are preventing you from performing clearly and


being musicality understood.


4. We have taught more than 1500 students worldwide who are busy students and professionals


who need results fast. We Provide Professional Music Artist Lessons are:

1 on 1 Violin/Piano Lesson, Group Class, Piano Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble, Virtual Lesson,


Face to Face Lesson.Beginners to Advanced from ages 4 – to Adults up to 88.


5. We give you all the music strategies and the system plan you need to have professional skills

and to perform with clarity, accuracy, and confidence in your Assessment, Assembly, Youth

Orchestra Audition, Competition, Exam,  Performance Events, and Symphony Orchestra

performance skills, access professional development opportunities and develop skills that will

assist them in launching a career as a versatile artist of the 21st century.