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- Lauren K- 
I am a Year 12 Student Class of 2021 doing the music HSC.
I've been at Sherry Music Academy for two terms, About twenty lessons and I have had the absolute honour of being her music student. Before going to her, I disliked piano, with no songs prepared for my major exam. In just twenty lessons I have learned and polished 4 beautiful piano pieces, the hardest ones I've ever learned. She is not only an amazing mentor, but she is a friend with a huge smile, A cheerleader who encourages you to keep going! She is a great teacher for all ages who truly makes it a uniquely individual experience. Sherry's Music Academy has taught me many valuable lessons that over 10 years of piano lessons at other studios have failed to teach me. I have never met anyone who has such a beautiful passion and heart for music like Sherry! No matter how hard it gets, after every single lesson I have left with the biggest smile on my face, motivated to make her proud. If you are considering music lessons, She is worth every cent! Sherry has truly changed my life for the better,
And I am so proud to be one of her students. 🎹🎶😊


- Marie-

Sherry is a wonderful, professional, and exceptional teacher.

She is very patient and is diligent with the progress of her students. With my child, she has been able to boost his confidence, improve his understanding of his instrument and bring the best potential out of him. If you want a teacher who understands the musical needs of your child and is also genuinely interested in their musical development, I can highly recommend Sherry. She goes above and beyond just being a teacher. Thanks, Sherry!

- Robert - 


 If you want the best in terms of learning music for your kids,

Look no further than Sherry Music Academy!

We're so blessed to have found Dr. Sherry. There are lots of music teachers out there but I haven't found anyone to date who is as passionate and professional as Dr. Sherry.

I'm sure if Dr. Sherry were to claim the No. 2 spot in the subject of music education in Sydney, no one would dare to claim the top spot! That's how confident I'm in Dr. Sherry's ability to teach music to all walks of life. As a tiger daddy, I have very high expectations of my son's music journey. My son just turned 7 recently and he only attended Sydneysider Music Academy less than 2 years ago with no prior knowledge of music or piano at all. In such a short period of time, he can now sight-read any piece of music given to him, he has performed in music concerts and I can proudly say his music ability is much more advanced than anyone in his age group. This is not because my son is especially talented in music, but credit to Dr. Sherry's unique methodology of teaching music and getting my son to love to play beautiful music. As an added bonus, Sydneysider Music Academy is not just about music,

Dr. Sherry is also big on mindset and teaching kids to be disciplined, confident, resilient, responsible, and hardworking. All these are important skills to learn from a young age to ensure kids not only survive as they grow older in the future, but thrive and have a brighter, happier, and more successful life.

Brava to Dr. Sherry for your dedication to transforming people's life through music,

you are a true Maestra!

- Susan - 


We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Mrs. Hsiao for her tremendous guidance and support of our 10 year old son's violin journey. We were so proud of his performance at our family gatherings and school concerts, and we are incredibly thankful for her dedication to helping him bring out the best in his playing. We especially appreciate her encouragement for him to play music with his heart, rather than just for the AMEB exam. Our son has grown so much, and we are so grateful for all that Mrs. Hsiao has given him. Thank you so much! 

- Arum J- 
  Sherry has been my teacher for a while and I feel the need
to say that she has been such an inspirational and motivating teacher that would be hard to find.

She has been not only a teacher but also a friend which helps greatly when learning music, needless to say, my skills have improved abundantly.

Anyone would be lucky to learn from Sherry Music Academy
as it is truly an amazing experience.

- Lu - 


   Sherry is just an amazing teacher, not just a piano teacher also a teacher to teach your child an amazing manner as well. She is the first teacher of my girl, she has shared her professional knowledge and skills with her love and passion with my girl. I have never seen a teacher with this kind of patient lead their student’s trust in their teacher. She has a very special teaching method and customises with different kids based on their personality.

Learning a real 🎼 is always her long-term goal of Sherry’s teaching!

Pingster- Kincoppal Rose Bay School

I love taking lessons from Sherry because she fully explains how to play the music and takes her time to make sure I am on the same pace with my fellows in the strings classes. Sherry will also explain and provide informative background about the history of music and violin which make the class even more interesting. She is a very passionate and talented teacher.

Frank-The King's School

After my mum found Ms Sherry, I started to enjoy piano, and one day my mum told her friends to come visit us, and so I play piano for them. My mum's friends really like me playing the piano.She said I play very differently from the past teacher. My mum is really happy with me playing the piano. Thank you Sherry !

Dave-Trinity Grammar School

Ms Sherry is a wonderful violin teacher. She is able to diagnose my technical problems and gives explicit instructions on how to practice. She has an enthusiasm that inspires students. She is so nice and knowledgeable in music.  I feel so fortunate to have an opportunity to take music lessons with her.

Aaron-St. Ambrose Primary School

Dear Ms Sherry, Thanks for teaching me piano. I appreciate you helping me keep an A Grade on my piano exams. Ms, you actually made me a better person. My test marks are so high, people are proud of me all because of you.

Angela- MLC School

Sherry is an amazing piano & violin teacher and mentor for anyone seeking greater achievements and enjoyment in piano & violin studies. She is highly experienced and very professional in which you can see in her lessons and in the results she creates in her students. One of my favorite things about Ms Sherry is that she will encourage you to do your utmost best with every piece, paying attention not only to technical detail but also to the emotions and the story that every piece should express.

Abby-Meriden School for girl

Ms Sherry, thanks you for being an amazing teacher. Thank you for encouraging me to do AMEB and to get High Distinction. Thank you for teaching me to show my emotions and play from my heart. Ms Sherry, I would never be good at piano if I didn't find you!


I knew about Chopin Music Academy from my neighbour. My daughter first tried out a violin lesson and she loved it very much. After 3 lessons we decided to also learn piano from Sherry. Sherry is a friendly and professional music teacher. I recommend Sherry for every child and parent who is looking for fun, enjoyable and quality violin and piano classes.

David dela Rama -Concord High School

Sherry has been a great teacher for me. Thanks to her I have improved in playing the violin through rhythm, tempo and posture. I also got to know my violin even more than I thought I did and named him 'Lin' and I became even more independent !


Serena- Santa Sabina College

Ms Sherry, Thank you for teaching me piano and violin, and helping me to enjoy music and have so many fun lessons. Also, thank you for helping my mum to play the 2 people piano with me and helping me to achieve my ABRSM Merit Award. I like music very much because of you, Ms Sherry.

David- North Sydney Boys High School

Ms Sherry is a wonderful teacher. I started with her four years ago, and with her help, my technique and the difficulty level of pieces I can play has dramatically improved. She is a very experienced teacher with a lot of patience and a deep love of music. She teaches not only what to practice, but more importantly How to practice. She uses analysis as part of approaching a new piece and gives clear and concise explanations. I give her my highest recommendation!

Margaret- Ravenswood School for Girl

The amount of pride and passion Sherry carries out in her work of music cannot be measured in words.  Knowing that I have been given the chance to study under her gives me a sense of pride myself. She is one of the most intelligent music teachers I know and I am thankful to have her as an instructor.

Ryan - Concord High School

I have had so much fun with Miss Sherry as she has taught me so many basic techniques of the violin. She is funny and makes lots of jokes that motivates you to learn. Thank you Sherry! : )

Fenny -Director of SCC Music School

I am very pleased to recommend music teacher Sherry Hsiao.  Ms Hsiao is a highly professional, creative, responsible person, who has pedagogical experience and fine contact with her students.  Students of Sherry Hsiao are active participants of different school music concerts, festivals and exams.  Some of her students are High Distinction of the AMEB as well as ABRSM.  Also, Sherry Hsiao is an excellent violinist, and chamber artist, having a wide experience of concert performances.

Harris- Trinity Grammar School

My sister first started learning piano with Ms Sherry. I like my sister play piano , she plays so good, so I ask my mum that I want to learn the piano with Ms Sherry as well. I like piano because I have a good teacher to learn with and then I got better because of my piano teacher. One thing I like to share is,  my mum & dad said I play the piano Very Well and is so proud of me.That is all because I learn from Ms Sherry.

Jack & Leanne -Parents

Our daughter took piano lessons for three years before we found Ms Sherry.  Within months under Sherry's instruction, our daughter not only can play challenging repertoires, but her technical skills improved greatly.  Ms. Sherry's perseverance, patience, and professionalism are some of the admirable attributes we have been blessed with.  We regret that we did not find her sooner.  She is a great mentor and an inspirational musician.

Qiannie – Mariden Junior College

I used to have a piano teacher that didn't teach me well. But, when I came to Ms Sherry, I learnt a lot from Ms Sherry , she makes me confident and makes me a good professional piano player, thank you Ms Sherry for your helping. One thing I need to mention is ..Harris is my brother who is also studying piano with Ms Sherry.

Jiho -Concord HS

I have been amazed how much I have learnt from Miss Sherry. It has been a fun and enjoyable time with her and I don't regret every second of lesson spent with her. I have learnt basic techniques firmly to master the violin.

Felson -The King's School

I am 5.5 years old. I am very happy to learn the piano with Ms Sherry. I like to play the piano and I think I play very well because my mum said that. I can also play piano with my older brother and have a lot of fun. I can read a lot of music and is so much fun to learn the music. I like to practice piano with my teacher.

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