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  About Sherry Music Academy Specialize VIOLIN/ VIOLA/CELLO in

♪ Developed a fun, focused, and creative learning environment and tailored lessons to each

   student’s learning ability and individual interests, allowing each student to grow towards

   his or her full potential.


♪ Developed and maintained relationships with parents of students to discuss progress and

   practice habits.


♪ Taught students new Sight-Reading & Aural Skills, General Music Knowledge,

   demonstrating how to use a metronome, how to practice effectively resulting in

   improved organizational skills. 


♪ Guided difficult students with low motivation accomplishing very positive results teaching delayed gratification and the joy of learning.


♪ Lessons come with piano accompanied to established good intonation in each master piece. 


♪ Preparation for AMEB/ABRSM/ Exam, Audition for School Symphony Orchestra/ Chamber Music,Competition, Concerts, Leisure purposes.

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