How does it work to book your intro lesson?

  •  Go to Contact us and Submit your application form, we will then schedule an intro lesson for you.

  • The Intro lesson is 45 minutes where you get 15 minutes for free - new student applications. 

  • After your intro lesson is booked we will send you an intro lesson invoice.

  •  Intro Lesson is prepaid to guarantee your placement.

  • After you transfer the tuition fee to confirm your intro lesson, we will send you the confirmation.

How does it work to book your weekly lesson session termly basis?

  • After the intro lesson, we will schedule your weekly lessons per term basis.

  • After your weekly lesson is booked, we will send you the sessions termly basis invoice.

  • Weekly Lessons are prepaid to guarantee your placement.

  • After you transfer the tuition fee to confirm your weekly lesson, we will send you the confirmation. 

How old should my child be to begin music lessons?
  • Children as young as four can begin learning their instrument and basic music theory.

  • We are very experienced in teaching young children who are complete beginners, and have all the patience and personality needed to engage your child and give them best start in their musical journey.

Is a 60 minute lesson too long for my child?
  • In our 60 minute lessons, we are able to cover music theory, technical skills alongside the songs we teach.

  • These important aspects of musical education are often skipped over in 45 minute lessons.

How long of a lesson should I take?

  • For youngest 4 to 5 years old, a 45 minute musical lesson is sufficient.

  • For students who have specific musical goals, a full 1 hour lesson is highly recommended .  

  • For any advanced players a 1 hour lesson is highly recommended.

  • Adults student, a full 1 hour lesson is highly recommended.

How does booking lessons work? 

  • We offer weekly lessons, scheduled at the same time each week, with our music artist-teacher.

  • Our lessons run throughout the school terms and holidays.



  • We have a strict Non-Attendance & Cancellation policy and by booking  lessons you are agreeing to adhere to this policy.

  • Please note that if you do not attend your appointment and no notice is given to us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment time, we will not refund if you will not come for the lesson.

  • Please note if you want to reschedule your lesson time, at least 48 hours' notice must be given to us. 


2022 SMA Fee Structure


  SMA Program only focuses on professional & high-quality Music Artist lessons provided by professional violin/piano artists that are also active stage performers. 

Intro Violin/ Piano Lesson Session

60 min  - $88  

(free 15 min inclusive)

 New Student Apply


Regular Violin/Piano Lesson Session

45 min          $90

( For Age 4 - 6 , No Experience)

   60 min          $110   

( For Age 4 - 6 ,  No Experience ) 

   60 min          $120  

( Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced Level )



Regular Chamber Group Lesson Session 

60 min          $48   pp   

(Group – based on 4 - 6 students) 




  • Prices are GST exclusive.

  • Each Term contains 10 lesson sessions.

  • No short-term students

  • Lesson Fees are subject to change and are varying between teaching artists.