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Do you offer music trial lessons?
     No, we don’t. The typical trial lesson is only offered within 20 minutes and is inefficient for both sides for  better understanding if you are serious about learning authentic classical music in many aspects of
 technique and performance arts. 
     What we recommend is to book a One-hour proper lesson with us and bring along your music books and discuss with our professional qualified teacher what you would like to learn and achieve your expectations. Whether you want to prepare in AMEB Exams, HSC, Assessment, Assembly, School Spectacular Even, Audition, Eisteddfods, or just play some outstanding Movie Theme for your lovely family & friends!


Where are you located?
       We are a proud Inner-West Sydney Based Elite Conservatorium Training Music School of over 15 years.


What are your opening hours?
      We are open weekday of the week. Feel free to message us on 0430 122 198 or summit your expression of interest from HERE !


What lesson times are available?
      Each lesson is precious, space is limited. To secure your desired time slot please message us on
 0430 122 198 to organize a suitable time for your lesson.


Are you open during public holidays and school holidays?
      Yes! We are open throughout the year !
How long for each lesson? 
     We Provide :
     120 mints ( 2 instruments ) ,
     60 mints   ( 1 instrument ),
     45 mints   ( ONLY for age 4 - 5 for the First Term )
At what age can my child start music lessons?
      There is never an age too young or too old to start music lessons! Although we recommend between the   ages of 4 and 5 everyone is special and unique, contact us Here  or ring us on 0430 122 198 to arrange
 one proper music lesson to inspire your child’s inner Musical Disney.
Do you offer adult music lessons?
      Yes, we offer lessons to all ages from 3 years and up to age 88  - you are never too young or too old to      
 learn music.
What music lesson should my child take?
     Everyone is unique and has different interests!
     We offer professional courses,  including:
     Piano Program, Little Pianists Program, Violin Program, Little Violinist Program,
     Chamber Music Program, String Ensemble Program,
     Piano Accompaniment Program for any instruments, vocal, examination, audition, competition,  
     Performance events
     Music Tutor Training Program ( For Grade 8 Above )
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