Piano / Violin  

Fun Online Lessons  / Face to Face Lessons


♪  Beginners to Advanced from ages 4 – to Adults up to 88.

♪  Pupils who are seeking Professional & Fun & 

     Elite SMA-smart Conservatorium training.


♪ Find yourself and self-confidence through music.


♪  Any style including: classical, contemporary,  

     jazz or religion music, or just want to learn chords to

    play and sing your favourite songs, we can make your      

   dreams come true.

♪ We tailored 2 Professional Training Program       

     in Progress Program & Confidence Program.

♪ All Program contains 10 lessons per term.


♪ We also offer Fun Online lesson on  Piano , Violin  

    , Violin group class, and String Orchestra.

♪ Piano Accompanying for any events are available.


 We located at Rhodes, 2138. 

      ( Close to Rhodes Train Station ).

♪ Limited Space!! Secure your spot by appointment only.



*If you would like to perform with confidence,

  or take HSC / AMEB / ABRSM Exams,

or prepare for any Eisteddfods,

Youth Orchestra Auditions,

or International Competitions

with our experienced accredited teachers, 

and professional piano accompanists

Then give us a call on 0430122198 or Sign Up Now.

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   2021 SMA School Terms 





I want to

Term 1

11 Jan

15 Mar

1 0   Weeks

Term 2

​22 Mar

24 May

1 0  Weeks

Term 3

 31 May

 2 Aug

1 0  Weeks

Term 4

 9 Aug

11 Oct

1 0  Weeks

 Term 5

​18  Oct
20 Dec 
  1 0  Weeks

* All Lessons can be continue during the NSW school holiday.

*  All Lessons can be commenced at ANY time when slots are available.

 Please asked  for assist.