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Sherry is a wonderful violin and piano teacher ever. She is able to diagnose my technical problems and gives explicit instructions on how to practice professionally. She has an enthusiasm that inspires students. She is so nice and knowledgeable in music. I feel so fortunate to have an opportunity to take music lessons with her. Highly recommended to everyone!

Pink Powder

Sherry is a wonderful, professional,

and exceptional teacher. She is very patient and is diligent with the progress of her students. With my child, she has been able to boost his confidence, improve his understanding of his instrument and bring the best potential out of him. If you want a teacher who understands the musical needs of your child and is also genuinely interested in their musical development, I can highly recommend Sherry. She goes above and beyond just being a teacher. Thanks, Sherry!


If you want the best in terms of learning music for your kids, look no further than Sherry Music Academy! We're so blessed to have found Dr. Sherry. There are lots of music teachers out there but I haven't found anyone to date who is as passionate and professional as Dr. Sherry. I'm sure if Dr. Sherry were to claim the No. 2 spot in the subject of music education in Sydney, no one would dare to claim the top spot! That's how confident I'm in Dr. Sherry's ability to teach music to all walks of life. As a tiger daddy, I have very high expectations of my son's music journey. My son just turned 7 recently and he only attended Sherry Music Academy less than 2 years ago with no prior knowledge of music or piano at all. In such a short period of time, he can now sight-read any piece of music given to him, he has performed in music concerts and I can proudly say his music ability is much more advanced than anyone in his age group. This is not because my son is especially talented in music, but credit to Dr. Sherry's unique methodology of teaching music and getting my son to love to play beautiful music. As an added bonus, Sherry Music Academy is not just about music, Dr. Sherry is also big on mindset and teaching kids to be disciplined, confident, resilient, responsible, and hardworking. All these are important skills to learn from a young age to ensure kids not only survive as they grow older in the future, but thrive and have a brighter, happier, and successful life. Brava to Dr. Sherry for your dedication to transforming people's life through music, you are a true Maestra!


Sherry is just an amazing teacher, not just a piano teacher also a teacher to teach your child an amazing manner as well. She is the first teacher of my girl, she has shared her professional knowledge and skills with her love and passion with my girl. I have never seen a teacher with this kind of patient lead their student’s trust in their teacher. She has a very special teaching method and customizes with different kids based on their personality. Learning a real 🎼 is always her long-term goal of Sherry’s teaching.


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