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     Hi Music lover,

   10 Getting to know your violin/piano learning questions

【√】Are you tired of repeating the same music in your weekly lesson?
【√】Are you looking for a professional violin/piano artist-teacher who makes your daily  home practice the most efficient and sensible?
【√】Are you looking for a professional violin/piano artist-teacher who will explain to you all the aspects of studying violin/piano and will make things clear and focus on all levels? 
【√】Are you looking for a professional violin/piano artist-teacher who will boost your learning ability on your musical journey of HSC, AMEB, ABRSM, Eisteddfods, Scholarships, and Competitions?
【√】Are you looking for a professional violin/piano artist-teacher with a strong and professional classical music trained background to be your beginner teacher, and avoid taking bad learning habits?

【√】Do you want your current playing level reach to the world stage level?
【√】Do you want to find an effective way to achieve your professional performance technique?  

【√】Do you want to improve your prompt sight-reading performance at your orchestra audition and other examinations?
【√】Do you want to improve your high-quality musicality? 
【√】Do you want to improve your musical knowledge and music analysis abilities?

 If the above are the problems you are facing now, then don't panic!

 You have just found the right place to get started on your professional musical journey!


SMA Music program is based on international violin and piano practice teaching traditions from both the United State and European Conservatorium System. We know many different kinds of music teaching pedagogy from Western to Eastern methods, and we also create and develop constantly which will customize the best lesson plan to meet every level of experience and style of music for your needs. 


We will help you with the effective methods and right exercises so you can enjoy your weekly progress.

We will show you how to practice properly to use every minute of your time to a maximum the best outcomes result.

We will prepare you for any performance, exam, audition, national or international music competition.

 Join our SMA violin/ piano/ chamber program

 We can help you fix all your problems immediately and make your musical dreams come true!










♪  Beginners to Advanced from ages 4 – to Adults up to 88.

♪  Pupils who are seeking Professional & Fun & 

   Elite & World-Class SMA-smart Conservatorium training.


♪ Find yourself and self-confidence through music.


♪  Any style including classical, contemporary,  

     jazz, or religious music, or just want to learn chords to

    play and sing your favorite songs, we can make your      

   dreams come true.

♪ We tailored 2 Professional Training Program       

     in Progress Program & Confidence Program.

♪ All Program contains 10 lessons per term.


♪ We also offer Fun Online lessons on  Piano, Violin  

    , Violin group class, and String Orchestra.

♪ Piano Accompanying for any events is available.


 We're located at Rhodes, 2138. 

      ( Close to Rhodes Train Station ).

♪ Limited Space!! Secure your spot by appointment only.



*If you would like to perform with confidence,

  or take HSC / AMEB / ABRSM Exams,

or prepare for any Eisteddfods,

Youth Orchestra Auditions,

or International Competitions

with our experienced accredited musical artist-teachers,

or in need of our professional piano artist accompanists.

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  2022 SMA SchoolTerms 





I want to

Term 1

10 Jan

18 Mar

1 0   Weeks

Term 2

​21 Mar

27 May

1 0  Weeks

Term 3

 30 May

 5 Aug

1 0  Weeks

Term 4

 8 Aug

14 Oct

1 0  Weeks

 Term 5

​17  Oct
23 Dec 
  1 0  Weeks

* All Lessons can be continue during the NSW school holiday.

*  All Lessons can be commenced at ANY time when slots are available.

 Please asked  for assist.